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The airport showdown in Captain America: Civil War was arguably the best part of the movie, and since we have already scored the Ironman v Bucky v Captain Am Cap wants to run around, cause the death of droves of innocent people, and not feel any repercussions for it. He quips his way through Sokovia and Lagos, whilst the completely unstable Scarlet Witch is let loose to cause horrendous damage. Yeah, sure man. And regardless, Stark has the better team. No question.

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Superhero24. Follow 4772. Forum The Case for Team Stark. After a speech like that, most libertarians would side with Team Cap, but Stark’s arguments should not be dismissed out of hand. Holding powerful people accountable for their actions — whether it’s the government or a nominally private vigilante group — is not a weird or unreasonable idea. Team Stark vs. Team Cap: Whose Side Are You On? The wait is finally over – Captain America: Civil War , and perhaps the end of the world as we know it, is less than one week away.

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Ideology-wise, I agree with Iron Man more honestly. That’s right, everyone gets an upgrade in Civil War.It’s not just the main characters Captain America and Iron Man, but every character featured within the film, which is just about the entire Avengers cast, gets some type of weapon or costume upgrade. Team Stark vs. Team Cap if they actually wanted to kill eachother.


Team stark vs team cap

Cap is my fav. 5 years ago. Superhero24.

Spider-Man. Black Widow.

Team stark vs team cap

We're discussing a different universe Earth-199999 where the situation is completely different. Obviously, Stark is leading his own team against Cap in a battle over superheroes registering with the government. Iron Man thinks heroes should be registered for accountability, while Captain From the trailer, it looks like Cap and Bucky already figured this one out, but it bears repeating.

Best Prices in BHR. Pop quiz: you can pick three Avengers characters to be on your team – which of the Cap has incredible strength, speed, agility and reflexes, plus the purest of hearts. He is the Avengers' better angel, which winds Tony Stark up no 7 Feb 2016 It's Team Cap vs Team Stark in new Captain America: Civil War preview — watch . A new 30-second teaser premiered during the Big Game.
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I’ll be assuming Tony doesn’t have the Hulkbuster since Team Iron Man is from Civil War, where he does not have the Hulkbuster suit. In the aftermath of the events of Civil War, Tony must deal with the emotional and physical trauma left behind (and of being left behind by) Team Cap. With the stark realization that the injuries he has sustained are potentially life-changing, Tony's outlook is bleak. July 14, 2016.


Team Cap vs Team Stark. Casual. In this version of the airport scene, Cap and Bucky don't Tony Stark is the only one who should face any sort of punitive actions. Zack, 26. Team Cap because siding with the smug industrialist has never in history been a good look in hindsight. Team Cap vs Team Stark (MCU) americanspeeddemon.